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    Available system memory of the platforms


    I'm working on a rather long story and in these past few days the SCM showed me as follows:

    The number of dialogues (71 in my case so far) may exceed the available system memory of some platforms.

    This is a warning, not an error, but now I can't test my draft on my PS4 anymore, because the game keeps crushing (CE 34878-0 error).

    I'm afraid that these two are intimately related.

    What is the current limit of dialogues in SCM?
    I'm forced to split my story in two parts?(It might be a problem: the split of the story would cause a logical error among variables and conditions arranged in the quests).

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    In my story, a similar warning was displayed when the number of dialogues was 35. But it is playable on PS4.
    It may be because there were few sentences in each dialogue.
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    Debugging my draft, I found out that the limit probably corcerns the number of words used on the whole in the entire story. As I supposed, I was forced to reduce the number of dialogue (from 71 as I said, to 61).
    With 61 dialogue the draft was running on my PS4, but managing some dialogues I found out that with the same number (61 dialogues) the game keeps crushing...so the limit is not about the number of dialogues, but the whole number of words or something else about it.
    The results is this: I'm forced to split my story into two parts (1st part is ready to be published) and to reduce the dialogues/number of words (but of course I'm not able to define what is that limit).
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    yeah this bug has been around for a while. Be careful because from what I understand you can test it and it'll work on the ps4 but if you run it from inside the game it'll crash sometimes. I heard the limit was something like 45 dialogs but I don't have a ps4 so I've never tested.
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    Hello Aeneas31,

    Thanks for reporting this error to us! I'm going to move this thread over to our Dedicated Player Support forums, so that our team can investigate this further.
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