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    Cloudberryjam: Hey there, and sorry for the delay! Are you still having issues with launching?
    I'm having this same problem with the Xbox One X. Sometimes Discovery Tour launches, other times it just hangs on a black screen.
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    TangoAlphaLima: Hey there! You're experiencing black screen at this time?
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    Black screen when launching Discovery Tour still happens

    Brand new Xbox One X and a new Sony 4K TV, and sometimes the screen goes black and I have to manually close the game or restart the console. I have done a hard reset of the console (back to factory settings), updated all again, redownloaded the game (the only one installed), all updated again and no luck.
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    Hey Montgolfier1! I'm not sure if you've performed any troubleshooting as yet, but if not, could you run through these steps to start with?

    Have you tried the suggestions made by other players in this thread to force-change the resolution, restart your console, then change it back to 4K?
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    I've also been having the black screen problem on my Xbox One X and a Samsung NU8000 tv. It does not appear to have anything to do with the tv. On average I have to try two or three times to successfully launch the discovery tour. If the screen goes black (instead of the animus loading screen), I have to manually quit the game and relaunch it from the Xbox home screen.

    I am on the newest Xbox firmware, newest version of the game, and even completely factory reset my Xbox, uninstalling and reinstalling all of my games, including ACO. Problem has been constant for me.
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