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    Developer Update: Season 23 kick-off week! [EDITED: SEPT 27th]

    Hello everyone! This is Buck, and I’ve got another week of news for South Park: Phone Destroyer!


    Here’s this week’s Weekly Timetable:

    SEASON 23

    I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am because Season 23 of South Park starts this week! Make sure to tune in and watch the episode on Wednesday, September 25th at 10/9c on Comedy Central!

    As you can see by the “Weekly Timetable” above, we’re going to be supporting the episodes with events, but we can’t share too much about the episode before it airs!


    On Tuesday, we’ll have a Mystical themed 24-hour event. This event will be a token collection event, meaning you can collect tokens from PvP packs and PvP lockers.


    This week’s Challenge mode will be 420 Challenge. Cards with a slowdown effect will all cost 1 this week.

    Be sure to use Towelie, Poseidon Stan, LAVA! and Witch Garrison to get the maximum effect!


    And that leads us to the weekend event. We will have a Token collection event, based off of Episode 1! If you've not yet seen the episode, you can view it here.

    The event will be a token collection event and is scheduled to start around 9:30 AM EST/13:30 UTC.


    As our Legendary season is wrapping up, we’ll have some balance changes next Tuesday, October 1st. I’ll list the details of the changes here!

    Elven King Bradley
    • Attack Boost (from Warcry) reduced by 50%. At base level, it will now give +5 Atk, down from +10 Atk
    • Walk Speed (movement speed) increased by 19%

    Incan Craig
    • Laser Damage decreased by 20%. At base level, it will now do 160 damage to units, down from 200 and 32 New Kid damage, down from 40
    • Laser Width decreased to 1.2, from 1.5. (He should no longer hit units behind the New Kid)

    Pigeon Gang
    • HP increased by 71%. At base level HP is now 12, up from 7.
    • ATK increased by 30%. At base level ATK is now 13, up from 10.
    • Fly Speed (movement speed) increased by 14%.

    Rat Swarm
    • ATK increased by 30%. At base level, ATK is now 13, up from 10.

    Underpants Gnomes
    • ATK increased by 127%. At base level ATK is now 25, up from 11.
    • HP increased by 70%. At base level HP is now 17, up from 10.

    Sharpshooter Shelly
    • Charged ability- Now hits all units in range (previously only hit one)
    • ATK Range increased by 17%, to 4.1, up from 3.5


    In case you missed it: We have opened the official “South Park: Phone Destroyer Discord Server”. If you’re interested in joining, click HERE

    Please review the following Terms of Use and Policies before joining the Discord, as you’ll need to agree to these terms before gaining access.
    Ubisoft Terms of Use: https://legal.ubi.com/termsofuse/
    Ubisoft Privacy Policy: https://legal.ubi.com/privacypolicy/
    Discord Community Guidelines: https://discordapp.com/guidelines
    Discord Terms of Service: https://discordapp.com/terms

    That's all I've got for now. Be sure to join the Discord server above by clicking on the image and chat with the rest of the community and with the Community Managers

    Until next time, we’ll see you on the streets of South Park!

    -Your Community Team!
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    When will be released third legendary sci-fi card?
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    Didn't receive my tvt pack.. Sent me right to voting.. Cmon this the sec time I didn't get my pack.. Feel like im being robbed!
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    Bradley again?

    This time Bradley won't be 10 energy cost?

    So this is the last week people can use him with full power. To bad some players like me don't have him (I'm not in legendary arena)
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    So the buff to Incan got reverted? Also why not fix mysterion he revives at lvl 1 rather than his level.
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    Aw come on, 3 Token collect events in a row? Give us a break.
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    Team Packs

    Every week I see content creators pulling legendaries from their team war pack, 1st 2nd 3rd 4th or 5th. Doesn't matter. I havent gotten a legendary from a team pack since July 22nd. My question is, who's **** do I have to suck to get a legendary card?
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    incan is dead ... worthless 5 cost
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    Originally Posted by Ghianfavel Go to original post
    So the buff to Incan got reverted?
    Seems like we’re now in need of insta kill spells for adventure aswell for sci-fi to compete with mystic and fantasy decks
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