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    Ok well... I've been playing multilayer games since quake 2. Doubt half of you have even heard of it... I can say with certainty that the multiplayer setup here is ******* garbage.

    Yes I suck at this game... So what. I just wanna play vs people with similar skill sets. On maps that progressivly get more difficult. Going into extreme tracks without getting past the 3rd stage (if I'm lucky) pretty much makes me move onto a completely different game. Or even Netflix. Hell pornhub is more entertaining than multiplayer extreme ******** edition.

    Multilayer started out fun... Went camping a bunch this summer and came back to complete nonsense. I mean no wonder Nobody is playing multilpayer anymore.

    How could you guys completely **** multiplayer so badly???? So much potential, so much fail.
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    There was a lot of ppl that wanted extremes in multiplayer. It only makes sense when you think about it. If you make it into the platinum or diamond division, how could you not expect to encounter more difficult courses? There's still plenty of other non-extreme tracks available, even in diamond, plus it's a majority vote, so totally fair.
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