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    Really I get banned

    So I get banned cuz some ****** player on the other team choose to join the party hack our IP address and kick me and my friends of the whole home internet causing us to get kicked out the game and we get banned for something that we didn't do😠😠😠😠😠
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    Read the latest dev notes they've posted.

    Something very vital there.
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    Hello! We apologize for the negative experience. From our newest post regarding DDoS:

    We have noted the unintended consequences of the escalating abandon sanction on players impacted by DDoS/DoS attacks. We are disabling this feature to reduce the longer term impact that is felt by legitimate players.

    Impact: Reduce impact felt by legitimate players after a match has been ended via DDoS/DoS/Soft Booting.

    Target: End of this week
    Thanks for checking on this!
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