The following is an idea, I've been developing over the course of the many years I have played AAA title games. The project is so incredibly complex, but has the potential to become a Ubisoft fan favorite in an instant by creating a whole new genre of game: a Metagame (a Game about a Game). As of now this is purely theoretical, incubation, but quite detailed. You don't need to read it all, I don't expect anyone to, but I just thought I'd share. If anyone part of a Dev team takes notice, well all the better, I hope to inspire people the way Ubisoft has constantly inspired me, so I'm just putting this out there. If no one reads it, that's okay too. If anyone has questions, I would love to discuss genrally what I hope to accomplish with this document and what the people around me help me do when we solve this level of problems.


***DISCLAIMER Please Read Carefully, take your time***

(What?) Genre: Metagame
(How?) Aesthetic: Experimental - Oxman growths and Mandelbulb 3D Fractals paired with traditional and conventional modeling.
In their own words: re-imagining design principles from the ground up, designing biodiversity in infinite color
Oxman Variant #1
Horsthuis Variant #2
Watch out for Hidden text
(Why?) Gameplay: Exploration into truly unique & alien environments (AC), Tactical action combat (FHsystem) mixed with shooting elements from Destiny, think jedi bullet deflection by matching the tri-guard as well as shield gagdets, MMO Campaigning and Battling Simulations (M&B-TW), Meaningful and Lucrative Crafting (Name Any good e-market, let’s go with Eve), Resource Acquisition through quasi-controlled procedural spread (Capitalism)
(Where and When?) Time Setting: the near and far future, Internet culture pushed towards a radically new direction
Mission statement:
Engine Unification through the flow-tooling of Fractal (Oxbulb system)
Create a world in which a story is shared about the meaning of gaming, molding the philosophy of digital escapism
How do you build a community populated equally by intelligent&unique AI characters & players? I suppose through varying premade finite state behaviours within an infinitely shifting world. The key is diversity, randomness and keeping things constantly changing but familiar

Full Game Design Document

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