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    List Of Track Name Builder Prefix Tags

    With all the cross platform track sharing, you have probably noticed that the track builder name gets changed to FusionShared if a builder doesn't have an account on all platforms. So, to make searching easier, builders need to add a tag at the beginning of their track names. Thus, I feel like we need a list of everyone's tag, so we can find your tracks quickly. To be added to the list, please make a post with your tag.

    So, here is the list of builders prefix tags. (the ones I know, no offense if I left someone out...)

    [B13] - Barthelbe13
    [X] - Chaaampy
    [das] - dasraizer
    [DD] - Devils_Demon
    [E] - EFFECTOR6
    [elC] - elCamsterino
    EF - Euphoric Fusion
    [FG] - FG312
    FP: - FluffyPrincess
    Fz - FreeZz-
    FK - funktastic-
    GUS - GUS2128
    [HmS] - Haarmes
    [HJ] - I The Hojo
    K8: - KALzzone8
    ktw - KillTheWicked
    MRF: - Morfyboy
    NH: - Nibor1hats
    NG55: - Niglogamer55
    [NF] - NoxiousFlower
    -OF- ObsceneFreak
    PTBK- Patabarnack
    397 - RaketeAal397
    [RH] - Rudhelm
    [S59] - XXX STEPH59 XXX
    [Bud] - STONERmagoo420
    SB: - SwampBalls
    W6199 - William 6199
    xKx - x Kaliman x
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    My tag is [X]
    My GT : Chaaampy
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    I havent been doing this, but I will start.
    Gamertag is EFFECTOR6
    I will start using the tag [E]
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    My tag is [Bud]
    GT is STONERmagoo420
    on xbox 1 mostly

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    My tag is [NF]... My game tag is NoxiousFlower on platform ps4 😁
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    dasraizer's Avatar Senior Member
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    Apr 2014
    UK, Isle of Wight
    Hi all

    my GT is dasraizer XB1 and tag is [das]

    thanks SwampBalls
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    Devils_Demon's Avatar Member
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    Aug 2015
    My tag is [DD]
    Devils_Demon on PS4.
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    Correction my tag is GUS
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    [P] = Pinglew
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    My Tag MK1 - Mineking1

    Mr. Swampballs,

    Thanks for this (and all your videos, they're great and I've learned a lot). Also, how does one request
    1) to have bad early versions of a track removed before putting up my third version, which is much improved... and
    2) that experts, like you, review my tracks so I'm not putting out garbage.

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