This is my thread for upcoming tracks and how far in to completion they are. They are all for my custom game, Trials Fusion: Back To The Future
Format: Track Name - Difficulty - Track Description - Summary - Progress


[TmpWlf] Blood Moon - Easy - As the sky turns blood red over the robot wasteland, strange things begin to happen. - A Halloween track set in a graveyard, where all robotic parts go to rot, as the blood moon begins to make strange things start happening. - 15%
[TmpWlf] Heaven On Earth - Medium - Forget the stairway, we're taking the elevator! - A track set in heaven, you go through Heaven Inc. and find out you're not fit for heaven, getting flung into hell. - 10%
[TmpWlf] Lighter City Run - Extreme - Midnight, bright lights, riding in the moonlight. - A remake of Light City Run, filled with neon lights and holographic decor, but all good things come to an end, as the power goes out for good. - 10%
[TmpWlf] Oasis On Fire - Hard - Have we gone too deep, or not deep enough? - A sequel to Around The Oasis. It's bushfire season, and thing are really heating up in here! - 10%
[TmpWlf] Perspective - Extreme - Not everything is straight-forward. - A track set in a child's room, you traverse massive Legos and escape through the window, where giant caterpillars await. - 15%