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    New Sports

    There arenít too many winter sports out there that I feel would fit the flow of the game, but there are at least two that I think could be fun and unique.

    Ski Bikes ó
    The name pretty much explains everything. Itís a mountain bike (or BMX bike) with skis and foot pegs instead of wheels and pedals. Skiing, snowboarding, and sledding are incredibly fun, but adding a ski bike could potentially add some more life into the game. (as well as more things to spend hard earned credits on)

    Timbersleds ó
    Iíve seen people suggest snowmobiles, which is absolutely fine. Personally, I think timbersleds would be a cool addition alongside snowmobiles. After all, a timbersled is just a dirt bike with a snowmobile track and a ski. A lot of games have had snowmobiles, but none have had timbersleds.

    Thatís pretty much it! I doubt any devs will see this post, but itís worth a shot, right?
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    Yea I agree, snowmobiles would be freaking great!
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