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    The changes seem pretty good, but imo the speed of switching weapons and aiming down sights was fast enough, if not already too fast. The vehicles felt fine for the most part too (didn't try boats or planes). Lots of people are complaining about the helicopter controls, but personally I liked them more than the controls in wildlands. The motorcycles did need to be fixed because they just didn't act like a motorcycle in the sense that it was extremely hard to fall off a motorcycle even in situations where you should fall and the physics were just really weird.

    Some changes I'd like to see in the future:
    1. Option to choose icon colors (really hate that everything is a white icon over a usually white minimap and I have trouble seeing enemy icons when sneaking into an area).

    2. Decrease the time it takes for an outfit to be previewed in the customization screen. Also add a preview option in the store.

    3. Remove the levels for guns and armor. They honestly don't impact gameplay as far as I've seen so it's just a waste of space and increases clutter. It's also just annoying switching gear every other second because every other person you kill drops better gear.

    4. Remove unlimited bandages. What's the point of the injury system if you can literally heal your injury quickly without any worries about running out of bandages.

    5. This one is gonna be a hit or miss for people, but make it so you don't have to check intel to progress missions or resolve questions. This kind of thing should be like intel in The Division where it gives you more ideas about the world and story, but it's not like it's mandatory to go out of your way to see it. This type of thing should be optional. And don't say it's to add immersion as that was lost when you had us fighting behemoths and carrying 30 guns.

    6. I honestly think you shouldn't provide us with a starting helicopter, not unless you give us a mission at the start where we recover a helicopter. Maybe a starting jeep is more reasonable. These people at Erewhon have no reason to be giving us stuff for free and they made it pretty clear they don't like us much and are just helping because otherwise they're just feeding you to the wolves, so I highly doubt they'd readily supply a helicopter without you paying for it or getting it yourself somehow unless you helped them a lot first. I was glad we had a helicopter, but honestly as I use them almost solely for transportation, it feels like it's pointless to even buy another vehicle.

    7. This one isn't really important and honestly might be something completely unnecessary (I know I would barely use it). If you're really going to stick with this whole rarity and level thing, add an option to choose different rarities or levels for gear, changing what mats you need for the gear with respect to the rarity/level. It felt really lame when I had a blueprint for a wolves weapon, but it had a lower score than the rest of my gear.

    8. I don't think you can do anything about this, but if you can, please increase the pacing of conversations. I've never seen people talk so slow in my life. The conversations just feel incredibly awkward because of that.

    9. Add more character customization or at least bring back a lot of the options from Wildlands. I don't know about others, but I wanted to make a character similar to my Wildlands character. If you do end up doing that, maybe you can add in a feature to transfer character customization data over from Wildlands so that we can actually have the exact same character. Obviously the quality would change between games, but it'd be cool nonetheless.

    10. Maybe this was fixed with the mortar fire update, but the Behemoth mortar-like attack has to be fixed. The thing had no idea where I was since I moved away from the location I shot it from without getting spotted, but it randomly kept shooting in my general area. Also it would be great if you decreases the time to kill a Behemoth in solo play if that's possible (though idk how you'd deal with people joining the party mid behemoth fight). I managed to kill the Behemoth fairly easily on my own, but man it took forever and felt extremely unrewarding as I didn't get anything worth the trouble.

    11. Since we basically have our own garage now, it'd be cool if we could customize vehicles at least minimally. I've noticed that when I spawn in a helicopter, the skin is random, but it'd be nice if I could pick the skin. If you really want to go crazy with it, it'd be nice to have GTA or Saints Row levels of customization minus the upgrades. I'm sure some people wouldn't like this though because it's unrealistic.

    12. Menus. Can you offer multiple ways to view a menu? One way could be you start completely zoomed out, click on the section you want and zoom in there and click on what you want in there to see that thing. If you do this it could also easily be possible to switch from the cursor to the way it was in Wildlands.

    13. This one is going to be a hit or miss again (and I'm not sure if you already have this), but since you took away the red areas on the map in Extreme difficulty, could you add an ability to mark all enemies in a designated area? I heavily used this in Wildlands when I reached hardcore difficulty and it made the game much more manageable. People who want to make the game more difficult for themselves could easily just not use the ability.

    14. Add more random NPCs (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you have plenty of towns as there was that one place for the find Skell mission). This place was supposed to be a highly advanced utopian society to an extent so surely there are plenty of people and beautiful looking cities. I don't quite know how heavy handed the enemies are but surely people are still living and enjoying life to an extent... I doubt it's the enemy faction's intent to ruin their lives. Traveling around, I felt like all I saw were the enemies in places that didn't look like places where normal people would live and enemies randomly scattered all about with their legion of broken down motorcycles. People should be driving between towns or going fishing or hiking etc. On that note, enemies shouldn't be able to see you in your car unless you're driving next to them or you're parked or you enter a restricted area.

    That's all I can think of for now. I didn't list fixing any bugs or anything as I'm sure you've seen a ton listed and surely you intend to fix them. Honestly the game looks great, but I'll definitely have to hold out a bit for the bug fixes and the AI teammates. Honestly a lot of the fun traveling around was having AI teammates making conversation.
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    Thanks for Listening Ubi

    Thank you for fixing the animation speed Ubi. I can immerse myself again. I'll be sure to let you know if I find any more major issues.
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    Please tell me why does nomad have one knee pad on his pants that is my curiosity
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    I like the CQC to be able to be more advanced and be able to not use the knife if I don't feel like using a knife and I would be cool to head the CQC turn base where did I press the r3 button I can take it certain ways will control in my left analog stick to take my opponent down and I would like more add ons for special perks and I think the skill tree said should be individual for all classes so each class will have their own special abilities with the skill tree like with a assulte class I think maybe we could adding some special parts that gives him like stealth movement where he runs and walks in Crouch's or prone crawls or they won't hear your guy coming if you're in a salt class and maybe something like a special perk that would allow us had likes stealth camouflage where it just increases our camouflage a little bit better and rappelling out of a helicopter would be good grappling up buildings or other breathing devices that will allow us to open other doors and I think having pure gas sleeping gas and smoking age would be very helpful in the game for all classes that you could actually throw not used as a special skill we should make our missions much more easier more tactical and yes those armor place that we collect please tell me they're going to be used for bulletproof vest making because that would be really sweet and then make it more realistic they should actually like sleep like take turns sleeping and to be able to cook their food like the raw meat they have
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    CQC tactical stuff and assault rifle and submachine guns need improvements especially

    Okay if you guys do make the CQC training base with nice or without nice please make it where if you press the r3 button in you control the tilt of the r3 button along with the movement of the left analog stick and please fix the silencers on the guns I'm being serious are you coming shoot think they can hear it and oh yes when you shoot them in the head they still make sounds okay then I'm supposed to make any sounds you should have your head so if you please fix this game I love this game a lot and it needs to have more survivors of flight if nomad has something stuck in his leg and he's pulling it out he rips his pants up in the pull-out whatever it is it could be a tree or a bullet Branch from the treaty establishing the light British are falling down a mountain tumbling down a mountain he gets shot in the shoulder or your shot somewhere and he has to stop bleeding buy cauterizing it with a shotgun shell by cutting the shotgun shell in half and using the gun powder to stop the bleeding and can you get the erewhon receive medical attention aliens if you need this attend man or 6 man team then you'll be able to split three teams up does a 10-man team
    for people who like to role-play onthis
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