I am curious what everyone's order would be from favorite to least on various aspects to the game. In other words, in categories like activity type, missions, incursions, builds, favorite GE, etc. I also have a few tidbits towards the bottom that might help newer players.
Copy the format and list yours. Be civil and don't berate others preferences. This is just for fun and out of curiosity. Hopefully a few people will play along. This turned out way longer of a post than I originally envisioned.

My activity list in order from favorite to least would be:

Global Events
Boss hunts
LZ missions
West Side Pier
Last Stand


Dragon's Nest
Falcon Lost
Stolen Signal
Clear Sky

Global Events:

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...nt_2_-_assault - This one is awesome for up close and personal builds, particularly the D3. I have soloed many of the legendary missions Flawless during this GE. That said, it had the Falcon Lost - No down which was tough.

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...t_1_-_outbreak - If you are a decent shot, and have a team mate that is at least average, this makes some of the legendaries quite easy, particularly the normally difficult Napalm Production Site.

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...t_5_-_blackout - This one is great for new players to try Survival. Makes killing the Hunter a lot easier at the end.

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision..._6_-_onslaught - I like the game play of Onslaught, but not really the commendations. This one requires a lot of group play for all the "Smart Ammo" ones. This is probably the 2nd best, and could perhaps be argued to be the best GE to try Survival.

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...ent_4_-_ambush - Other than when I am doing a Tac legendary run solo, I rarely like to sit at the back and sit still.

https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...ent_3_-_strike - All those explosions get really old by the end of the week. I normally will just have music playing in the background and turn off game sounds during this GE. That said, it has some quite unique commendations that can kind of be fun.

What about the commendation difficulty from the GE's?
I think the hardest one was Falcon Lost - No Downed. Then probably Stolen Signal - Security Wing only, after that was probably Dragon's Nest - No healing skills
Some were a serious grind like killing 150 Rikers bosses. Even doing the kill Larae, get killed, repeat it still took hours to get this one. It should have been half that many.

The mission list below is way different if every mission had every difficulty level. I no longer play normal, and there has to be a reason, such as daily's, to do hard difficulty. Solo I run Challenging 98% of the time and when I am feeling salty, I'll solo legendaries. I made a separate list below if all missions had all difficulties.
So, with the current options, it is:

Russian Consulate
Lexington Event Center
WarrenGate Power Plant
Madison Field Hospital
Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint
Hudson Refugee Camp
Napalm Production Site
Times Square Power Relay
Queens Tunnel Camp
Grand Central Station
Amherst's Apartment
General Assembly - I like this mission a lot, and I like Hunters a lot but the Hunter in this mission is ridiculous regarding his hit points.
Subway Morgue
Broadway Emporium
Police Academy
Rooftop Comms Relay

If every mission had every difficulty, it would likely be more like this:
Russian Consulate
Lexington Event Center
Police Academy
Amherst's Apartment
Subway Morgue
Rooftop Comms Relay
Broadway Emporium
Queens Tunnel Camp
General Assembly
Grand Central Station
Madison Field Hospital
Hudson Refugee Camp
Times Square Power Relay
WarrenGate Power Plant
Napalm Production Site (this and WarrenGate rate lower because the explosion effects make the screen shake and can be rough for those of us with motion sick issues)
Lincoln Tunnel Checkpoint

I guess I'll keep going...
The most fun to play (not necessarily the order of effectiveness though it is somewhat true):

Hunter's Faith
Final Measure
Fire Crest
Predator's Mark
Alpha Bridge

Speaking of builds, what's your three "Go To's" and for what purpose?
Mine are my first two above. D3 for anything, anytime that I need to stay alive such as going for Flawless runs. Tac, because it is fun to blow stuff up. Firecrest is also fun for crowd control while in a group, but I solo way more than not so I don't use it as much as I could.

What's your three most unusual builds?
For my oddities, I have full Electronics (~10,200) builds of otherwise normally more balanced builds. Such as my Final Measure build. It doesn't have the Haste that Tac has, but for places such as the beginning of WarrenGate, being able to use skills and nearly constantly returning grenades back to the enemy is very effective. Use 228 weapons with Ferocious, Destructive, and I have one gun with Determined and the other with Predatory. Those are the same guns I run with for Tac.Actually, for any Electronics build since they will all proc at 228 level.

I also have a Tac, Alpha Bridge, Ninja Bag full electronics hybrid. With this build, you'll effectively have all 4 weapon talents so I won't have to switch back and forth like above. It also ignores weapon requirements so you can use 256 level guns. Lastly, you get additional health regen.

Lastly, I have a full Electronics Nomad. This one isn't as effective really as any already mentioned and/or tac. However, having that extra life can be useful when trying for Flawless legendary.

Bonus. Back when I used to play Resistance, I ran a real oddball. It is a hybrid build Reclaimer. The built in Immunizer and Ammo cache to the support station with the 4 piece set helped solo through the contamination wave and keep from having to spend credits for ammo. If I remember right, I was about 6k firearms, 4k Stam, and 5.7k electronics. My other skill was generally a fire turret where practical, regular turret where not. There were only a few instances where this build didn't work that great. One, on Pier 93 when you encountered the other medics that put multiple stations down around the corner where you couldn't hit them, and didn't hardly do enough damage to kill them over the healing. Thunder with his EMP effect also made it tough sometimes. It seems that I might have used 2 pieces of Tac with it but I honestly don't remember. I have mentioned this build before to people who play Resistance and they hadn't ever thought about trying it so I thought I'd mention it. This could also be built with a Ninja bag, 3 pieces of Reclaimer, then combine it with two pieces of another build to give you what you want. I have used it with Tac for skill power and hast, Final Measure for exotic damage and damage from elite resistances, and Firecrest if you are going to use a Fire Turret.

If you could give a tip or two for new players what would it be?

For me, it'd be run the LZ bosses often after you hit the end game. They respawn every 4 hours and that is per character so if you have more than one, you can log out and switch and do it again. They have a decent drop rate for exotics and other desirable options but most of all, anyone can run them, with basically any equipment at your level. Doing this you can quickly go up through the World Tier levels, and keep doing it after WT5 to find good gear to run harder missions with.
Second tip would be do log in every day and do some/all of the daily's. Personally, since I don't DZ, I don't even try for the weekly's. Survival is fun, but takes a while. So, if I am in a hurry, I'll hop into the game and run daily crafting and daily combat every day. I do those two on all 4 characters and on two accounts (on 2 PC's). With all that, it can take as little as 20 minutes for as much as an hour but it'll net you 200 Div Tech per day. That's enough for 4 optimization rolls. On crafting, sometimes they have you convert one form of craft material to another. If you don't have it, buy something and break it down. Or, worst case scenario, convert from Div Tech. This sounds counter-intuitive since the goal is to get Div Tech, but it'll cost no more than 9 Div Tech and you'll net 25. So, that's still a net gain of 16.

If you could bring one, and only one thing from TD1 and put it in TD2, what would it be? I think many will say healing skills, health kits, recovery link, etc. Personally, I'd have to say Optimization Station.