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    Liberation has really interesting and rich characters.

    Due to UPlay+ I am catching up on the few games I never bothered to purchase. ACL among them.

    While I am getting an overdose on Ubisoft games this month, I cannot fail to recognize how well fleshed out the characters and especially the female characters of AC games are in general, but how Liberation in particular has overall interesting characters which feel grounded and - dare I say - ... alive.

    Aveline, the main female character - with only a few early brushes - is painted as a rich personality. And her complex character is even reflected in the different game mechanics, which are offered, playing her. THAT is a novelty, I have not heard about or seen in ANY other video game. (Please tell me, if there is one).

    Equally, her birth-mother, her step-mother, the woman who is leading a group in the swamps (forgot her name) ... all are grounded in a believable context of it's time and their social (outcast) status, bounding them (or sometimes not). I find this particularly interesting, because it is still rather rare to find well written female characters in more 'mature' video game settings. Usually any one page of well written fiction will beat any video game writing. But here, they feel like they have (had) their own life and struggles, when you meet them. Equally, some of the male characters are more than just stereotypical 'fluff'. Aveline's loving, supportive father stands out. But, also other characters in the game.

    Ubisoft games have to serve millions of people from different cultures around the world. They are by their very nature limited in what kind of risks they are allowed to take. Yet, they do not back out of tricky, sensitive subjects. Politics. Race. Slavery. Social status. Characterization of different nationalities. The writing, while having to serve the video game restrictions along a narrow edge, never falls into stereotypes or clichees. Instead, it tries to capture the historical & political setting.

    And I say this as someone who was against the "Templar" and "Assassins" storylines (not to mention the 'modern day nonsense') injected into 'history'. As a 'historical' gamer, who plays obscure large-scale turn-based wargames of all historical periods, I am always worried when actual 'history', which is a delicate flower, always fragile, in question and evolving, through new scientific discoveries, get's obfuscated through 'fictional' writing. "Historic fiction" is the kind of pop-literature, I cannot agree on. Yet, with age, I am getting less agitated about it. I see now the value in introducing people to history through fiction.

    Still, I could live with a truly deep-dive of any Assassin's Creed game, without the modern day parts. As interesting the 'historical' parts are, the "Bartender Assassin" is just ridiculous (Sorry, Desmond). Most of all, a fictional 'Shaun Hastings" character who injects himself into 'history'; more precisely how he is used to 'lighten up' the historical descriptions of actual people and placess in ACIII, adding smug commentary, which not every player can distinguish from the 'real' historical. That is what I still find sketchy and probably hella confusing for a young audience.

    Bot none of this is an issue in ACL.

    Obviously, I am late with my (random player on the Internet) praise. I was curious and quickly found out that "AC Liberation" was the winner of the prestigeous Writers Guild of America Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Writing Videogame Writing". Richard Farrese and Jill Murray are both credited for the writing on this game and the other two Bozhidar Grozdanov and Spass Kroushkov were probably not member's of WAG, so left out. Yet, all of them deserve praise.
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    Hey there Adam__Beckett,

    Thanks for sharing your detailed feedback with us! I can tell that you put a lot of thought into your post. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed the characters in Liberation. I definitely agree with you that while being an older game, many of the characters from Liberation still hold special places in my heart.

    We appreciate hearing your thoughts!
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