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    Anyone against hardware bans are in fact cheaters themselves. Put your money where your mouth is. They are effective and forces cheaters to buy another computer,another account and if they are using the same IP ban them again. The moment you start using cheating tools yourself you notice how blatant a lot of cheaters are. I have prior experience. Cheating takes the fun out of everything.
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    Downloaded and saved. Nobody would have believed it unless you were streaming and recording it. This cheating has gotten out of hand. I have made over 30+ reports against blatant cheaters meanwhile I haven't received a single reward from Ubicrap. They are more concerned about hurting some libtards feewings by censoring us in the chat instead of cracking down on game breaking cheaters.
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    People are still DDOSing in games. In unranked though? I mean come on get over yourself, its unranked. We literally just got DDOS but I cant upload the game capture.
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    What about the rest of the cheaters? i just played in a team with 3 cheaters.Round one they teleported into the enemy spawn and killed everybody in 20 seconds.Round 2 Twich drone hack, killed all the enemy team in the prep phase.All were between lvl 63 and 75 , Plat 3 and diamond.The lvl 63 guy was having 37,9 KD .What about them? they are ruining this game not just the DDOS attacks.On the weekends it's a cheaters party , doesn't matter if casual or ranked, and it's happening since the Ember Rise DLC was released.Battle eye it's a bad joke, report doesn't help , it's easier to bypass the anticheat than bypassing a Samsung phone and not even abnormal stats like enormous k/d or win /los rate can be detected.If someone wants to have some fun , just Google "Rainbow six siege hacking problem". The results are hundreds of sites who are selling R6 cheats, and just 3 or 4 Articles about one guy who was selling cheats and got caught 3 days ago.
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