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    GR Wildlands connection issue since mercenaries update


    Since the Mercenaries update, my game is getting this error: TARIJA 00100, the 90% of the time, i cant play with my friends because of that, only a few times the NAT go from offlane to moderate and i can play that night but the next day is offlane. I already did all the FAQ from connectivity troubleshooting guide and nothing works, no even getting a static IP or flushing my dns. Before the mercenaries update i was normal and no getting any connection problem but now is almost impossible to play with some friends. Plase help, im getting boring, mad, disappointed and dont know what else to do to fix this error. Im here in this forum because i cant even send s "ticket" (open a case) to contact with the support from the web site, is always loading after i enter my account.............
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    The Tarija error is related to connectivity, Can you please try the troubleshooting steps in the link

    If the issue persists, could you please submit a support ticket on our support site with a description of your issue and attach an image of your port settings on your router and our Customer Support team will investigate this further for you.
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