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    Having issues redeeming owned items in store

    Today I decided to part with some orichalcum and managed to get three pieces from the Myrmidon pack (horse, spear, chest piece), and pay the rest with helix credits to get the full set.

    Now to be fully clear. I did this on a new game plus file (Alexios). When I went to load an old file from my first playthrough (Kassandra) I got the pop up window that I got new items in inventory. The pack wasn't there, so I proceeded to go to the store then owned tab. I did, and but the items that I partially purchased are not there.

    This isn't the first time that this has happened. I have items missing that I purchased and gained from Sargon. It seems like items I purchase and get from Sargon (helix store items to be exact) are not transferable from one save file to another. I thought these items were account bound. At least that is what I understood from the FAQ from the Ubisoft website.

    Is there any way that I can get the items I actually bought appear in all my save files? Because it's getting frustrating that I'm buying stuff with one save file and not having access to them on another save file.
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    Hopefully this video explains what I mean as I'm no good with words.

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    It is only exclusive Store items that are linked to the account, the rest are linked to the save file. If you reload or create a new one, your in-game items will be lost.

    If the item received is an item which can otherwise also be located in the in-game store, then this can be retrieved via the "Owned" tab section in the store.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience, I hope that makes sense.
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    Hi, and thank you for replying back.

    The items I'm trying to retrieve are in fact, helix store items, which are purchased with helix credits, hence with real money. In some save files, those items that I have purchased at the helix store are not obtainable through the owned tab, because they are missing from the owned section. I've checked my ship, and reloaded my saves. They're still missing.

    I'm not tech savy or know anything about code, but I feel like I'm dealing with a bug not necessarily linked with my save files. With a save file that had the missing helix items from the owned tab I created a new game plus, and was able to retrieve those missing owned items from the helix store with new game plus. I can make a video with proof if necessary.

    Thank you again for taking the time to reply.
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    Hey skylightglare,

    Which specific items did you purchase on the Helix store that was not available in your other save file?
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    I purchased the bracers, legs, and waist from the myrmidon pack. The horse, spear, and chest from Sargon. However, the entire Myrmidon pack is unavailable in two of the Kassandra saves I have. One being my first playthrough, and the other in new game + (Kassandra). Though, if I start a new game plus right now as Kassandra the pack appears except for the spear. I also noticed that some other items are missing, but my recollection isn't good enough to remember which ones they are. I just know that some are ship items and weapons.

    I'll get back on here with a list of missing items for each save, as Alexios is affected with some items as well.
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    Made my list. Here are the missing pieces from owned tab as follows.

    Kassandra (first playthrough): all club rewards, Hydra figurehead, complete Myrmidon pack, The Hunter's Blade, and The Hush (crew). The Hunter's Blade is in inventory, but not in owned tab, and my fear is when the occasional reset happens it will disappear from inventory, and I will not have access to the weapon.

    Alexios (New Game +): all club rewards, Hydra figurehead, Herakles (lieutenant), complete Myrmidon pack, and The Hunter's Blade. The Myrmidon pack is in inventory and equipped, but same as above, not in owned tab.

    Kassandra (New Game +): all club rewards, Hydra figurehead, complete Myrmidon pack, and The Hunter's Blade. None of the items are in inventory or ship, and it's missing from owned tab, so I don't have access to them as a result.

    The Hunter's Blade, the Hydra figurehead, and three pieces from the Myrmidon pack (Bailos, Odous, and chest piece) are from Sargon, but the remaining pieces of the pack was purchased with helix credits. Unfortunately, I don't remember if the Herakles lieutenant and the Hush crew theme was purchased with helix credits or from Sargon, but either way, the they are missing from owned tab as well.

    I hope this list helps in finding a solution. Thank you.
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