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    w10 update stuffed it

    what do i say :"w10 update stuffed it"
    it looks to be direct x realted but my system runs .
    grw.exe spawns in process but doesnt really run .
    if i get it running then the easycheat says files are corrupted.I have verifed the files & its also repaired / reinstalled it @ a 40Gb dowmnload.

    64 bit W10
    24gb ram / 4.5 ghz i74770k

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    DX12 im installing DirectX June2010 Redistributable .
    Graphis is Radeon R9-280x oc
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    i have a dotnet error as well .so im reinstalling that .
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    Ubi-Trippn's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi mrbeir,
    Are you running on windows insider or preview builds? because these are generally not supported.
    You could also try reinstalling the Support Software for the game
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