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    False Idols: Completed but not Completed Completed


    I've really been enjoying this game, very session worthy.

    I have completed the mission False Idol, in Faith's territory. I had the phone call from the woman (can't remember her name) saying I'm her new hero, Rook. It even flashed up on the screen as completed. It has not however registered in my completed missions, nor is it still an active quest. There's absolutely nothing I can do is there?

    I saw there was another thread, but it's just a bunch of people forgetting to blow them up, or a bug that fixes itself. This doesn't seem fixable.

    Please, any help? I want to 100% this game.


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    Hi JuicyMoniker,

    We were aware of an issue with the False Idols mission not completing, but this was fixed. We would recommend making sure the game is updated. You can also verify the game files.

    Could you please try completing a different mission and see if the tracker updates?

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