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    TU6 PTS - my opinion as a solo/group pve player

    Hello, I'm Baya (33) from Germany.

    Playing for about 1200 hours mostly in the group and also solo.
    PvP is not my cup of tea - here is my opinion about the changes made so far to the PTS in TU6. (16.09.2019)

    The first thing I want to talk about is the Eagle Bearer nerf.
    Personally, I do not think this is bad, the Eagle is still a very strong AR in the game.
    To take out some wind of the sails of the Nerf you could increase the stability of the EB by 15%.
    If all the weapons are a bit more balanced, that certainly does the variety well and you still have a different handling feeling with each of them.

    What I do not like is the nerf of Unstoppable Force. I have not played UF since the last Nerf, as it was already too weak here compared to a Berserker build or something like this. Bring back the good old Rhino

    The three new talents are very nice, but I'm afraid spark and vigilance are too strong.
    Got all three in one build, compared with seekers and the striker drone, so you could shoot away from a safe distance a massive amount of enemies.

    I am not sure if the splitting of the map in loot zones or the fact that all brands can drop on all parts, brings the desired success.
    It's just a lot more loot now, in addition to the crappy loot so far.
    I would have wished you to take out things like a shotgun with ranger or a berserk with armor etc.
    Anyone who wants it anyway can recalibrate it.
    Otherwise the new parts for the brandsets can bring a good variety of new builds.

    Bugs (?) I've noticed so far:
    - Striker Drone can not manualy be destroyed
    @Ubi-RealDude: Just tested binding to another key but that doesn't work.
    However, it is not always the case that the skill can not be disabled manually. Sometimes it works.
    - Steps are more quiet now

    Update: This is not patched since beginnig i think:
    - if you press "f" to watch loot, you can loot everything except mods with "h" as scrap ... Why not mods?
    This mistake costs me so much time....

    So far ... Update follows
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    I"m not playing PTS (nor will), so at first I thought it was a bad, bad decision, but I can see why they did it: in TU6 gear sets backpacks and vests will have talents so I'm pretty sure a lot of folks will run with 2 pieces of True Patriot (well, I'm assuming 10% ead will remain as two pieces bonuses). Let's say 275 ~ 300k armor today means 22 ~ 24% damage bonuses, in TU6 it will be 13 ~ 15%, so, in the end, I think we could be a little bit more powerful.
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    That's nice, and well written feedback you posted Baya!

    Make sure you post it in the right subsection of the forum too:

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    Hey Baya! Thanks for taking the time to write all this out. Also thank you SevenNVD for the forum link.

    Baya, real quick, the Striker Drone manual destruction issue seems to have a workaround of rebinding the key to something else (then binding it back if you so choose) but I've made a note of it. Thank you!
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    I think the points you make about shotguns and berserk make a lot of sense.

    Having a really good shotgun come with something like ranger or steady hand can be frustrating.

    Also, having a really good chest piece that has berserk on it with no health bonus and a huge armor bonus is frustrating as well. There are a lot of little nuances like this concerning loot.

    Very good points.
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