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    New Game without Plus + Option?

    Hi. Was looking to start a brand new game after completing ACOD and it seems like my only option is to start a new game with the Plus + option, which carries over my gear/experience/levels, etc.

    Any way to start fresh?


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    when I Launch the game and hit start, after it checks for new content, the continue etc menu comes up with NEW game right below continue. it starts right at the 300 battle on mine that is, hope that helps.
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    Hi BunglingGorgon, you should be able to chose to start a standard new game as well as a new game + as Medto1 suggested.
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    You are correct. I was looking at the in-game options. Leaving the game to go back to the home menu does give the option. Thanks!
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    I'm pleased you have managed to find the option to start a new game.

    If you need any further assistance with anything please let us know.
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