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    I have the artifact from the cyclops even though i did not do the quest yet

    The only artifact boss i have actually beaten is the sphynx, after that i randomly just had the artifact. I havent even been to kythera where the cyclops is. Can i fight him without having the quest? I dont want to miss any content.
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    Hi pigien123

    Could you send a screenshot that shows the item in your inventory and one showing the quest uncompleted.
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    I had that glitch too. I completed Gates of Atlantis without even accepting any of the quests related to the Cyclops. I thought I forgot I did them, but checked and there were exclamation mark on Kythira. I was able to finish them all and defeat Cyclops AFTER ending Gates of Atlantis.
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    The same happened with me. I completed the game earlier today but when I looked to see why the platinum trophy didn’t pop it said I didn’t have the hidden “Eye on the prize” trophy. I watched a Youtube video of that mission and didn’t remember playing it so did that quest a few minutes to get the platinum.

    I do remember going to the Forgotten Isle as soon as I got a boat and collected 2 of the loot treasures there before the cyclops hid behind the door and it said I’d have to come back later. Not sure if thats the issue or not by going there first before the quest.
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    The problem is, it marks the quest as completed even though i never did it

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