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    Fix the rewards in token collection events

    Hello everybody,

    I am the leader of the clan ¡Cielito Lindo! and most of us are very active since the game was created and as a leader I always listen to all the comments and suggestions made by the members and one of them are the rewards that come out in the lockers when winning in the collection events of tokens, all of them are frustrated, some angry to the point of no longer wanting to participate in them because of the fact that there is no guaranteed reward since, unfortunately, they can touch lockers that do not contain event tokens and they are not fair that after winning derankers, cheaters, hackers or unequal matches.

    I also share your thoughts and that is why I make this suggestion and what better way to explain it with an image to make it more understandable.

    As you can see it is only a matter of removing some rewards that are very little useful, since those rewards can be obtained in each of the event packs, instead put more rewards that contain tokens x4 and thus ensure at least 12 tokens per victory in case of not opening the locker containing the best token loot of the event.

    I hope you take this suggestion into account since most people in the clan no longer want to play those events for that matter.

    Greetings to all.
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    This. All lockers that aren't considered 'best loot' need 4-5 tokens in them; not 3, 4-5.
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