View Poll Results: Want Ghost Recon Phantoms Back Or Not

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  • Yes We Want It Back as Like It Was To Be

    463 91.14%
  • Yes Want It Back Controled by BatelEye

    173 34.06%
  • Give Server File To Other To Host The Game

    105 20.67%
  • Want To Hangout On That Game

    32 6.30%
  • Dont Want It Back

    2 0.39%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Want Ghost Recon Phantoms Back

    I was A Player Of Ghost Recon Phantoms now Playing Rainbow Six Siege, But Many Players are Crying To Play The Game Ghost Recon Phantoms which Was Closed On 1st DEC 2015. Missing That Game and The Game Play..
    I request You and Your team To Bring Back That Game..

    Do You Know that many People cant Play Your miltiplayer like Rainbow Six siege, Division, Wildland For Their Low System Config...
    When That Game Closed Many Player Start Playing Ghost In Shell 1st Assault, and other Games.. A Team Trying Hard To Make Same Game Like Ghost Recon Phantom.. So Just Think How Much Dedicated They are To Play that Playing System. So I beg You and Your team To Bring Back Ghost Recon Phantoms.. We Will all Buy that Game Again. No Need Of Free To play. and I am Preety Sure That If that Game Have Batel Eye Then That Game will be a popular...

    Here Is My Chanel Link:
    Lover Of Ubisoft Multiplayer

    And a team Is trying Hard To Make Same as Ghost Recon Phantoms.. :
    Here Is the Chanel Link :
    Please Try To Understand..

    {{{{{IF NOT Posssible To Re Host}}}}}
    But Coould Your team Give the Server File Of Ghost Recon Phantoms So That Other can Host The Same Game On Leased Web Server Or Hetzner Server Or OVH server Like Many Counterstrike, cod4 And Many More..
    Caus We All Miss This game >> And We Dont Know The Real Caus Of Shutting The Game Down.. MOre than 1K Players are Allive and If YOur team Introduce Bateleye Like Rainbow Six Siege then Many Players would Not Run Out Of the Game..

    Thanks BUZZccd / KoG_BUZZ
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    Hi, Shadows Of Soldiers are amazing
    On we have 4,572 supporters on pettition to bring back GRP and it's 428 needed to reach 5,000. Check this out. Maybye it will help to bring our beloved game alive...
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    come back ghost recon phantoms

    I was a player of grp for 4 years and we formed a community of very good players, there is no game that is compared to him, play rainbow six, half similar and the division but the truth is that they do not compare with ghost recon phantoms we are willing to pay to play again, thank you and I hope to vover to play this great game the best free to play
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    Played this game since alfa version till the end... Dying for this game to get a second chance.
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    Grp back forever

    Greetings I am the leader of the clan Made in Bolivia (BIM) with more than 50 Bolivian soldiers and with people waiting to be recruited,What you expect ubisoft! You throw the game and I'm in charge of recruiting people.
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    We want grp

    Bring grp back free again it was paying you more than paid games and it had been a great experience
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    Fui jugador por más de tres años.

    Realmente deseo el regreso de GRP, fue el juego que más he disfrutado de los que he probado, conocías a buenas personas y las partidas eran geniales. Espero que regrese o que haya otro igual en un futuro.
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    You need to bring this game back, second chance of whatever you wanna call it, atm there is no other tactical shooter providing such an amazing experience in terms of gameplay and game mechanics like Ghost Recon Phantoms was bringing to us.

    Im pretty sure a LOT of players would repay to play this game again, from my long GRP friend list in steam, this topic is an usual daily conversation, and always asking each other if anyone found out a good shooter game to play, but neither of current shooter games on the market are near as entertaining and tactical as GRP used to be...

    You should make an official post with a poll about making a remake or relaunch and see what's ppl reaction, i'm pretty sure there are a lot of them just waiting for it.
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    Please bring back GRP

    Please bring back Ghost Recon Phantom. Since GRP was close a year a go, I not yet find that can match GRP or replace GRP. I love the dynamic while playing the game and I love all customization both weapon, character and match mode. No game can match the customization like in GRP. I play GR Shadow Sholdier and I almost try wildland, but seem nothing as fun as GRP.

    The only thing I hate in GRP is cheater and bugger. Server lag still aceptble, because internet conecction to EU is not fast as from indonesia to USA.

    Dear Ubisoft , please bring bakc G.R.P to live.... Pleeeeeaaaaaaaasssseee....

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