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    Now that FarCry 64 bit is out and Xp-64 is just around the corner...

    Has 1C stated anywhere that BOB will have a 64bit version available?

    It makes sense since the whole idea behind the new BOB engine is to use newer technology and to overcome the limitations of the older FB engine.

    Would not make any sense not to be 64bit. Esecially since it will be some time before it comes out.

    Anybody here have any idea?
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    dumb question: programs designed for 64-bit can be run on usual 32-bit rigs?
    if yes, i don't think there could be a reason not to use it, but if they cannot be used on 32-bit machines, then i think 1:C might lose the majority of its current customers.
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    IMO GonzoX meant whether there will be ALSO 64bit version of BOB...
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    Correct Drapis.

    They could simply make a 64bit executable but also design the rest of the game to use either a 32bit and / or 64 bit executable.

    Far Cry 64bit can use the Athlon 64 and Windows XP-64 to render more stuff which was not previously possible. This is the next logical evolution in PC Tech.

    Since BOB will be a new game from the ground up it would simply not make sense to not make a 64bit executable.

    Folks with older 32bit machines can simply use the 32bit executable and turn down the eye candy. Either way though, any new games should have some future thought in it's design. Far Cry got it right. Now if they could just fix the online bugs in FC it would be the greatest IMO.
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    Yea, it'll use 64 bits since one of the best things about 64-bitness is the ability to address more than 4GB of RAM!

    (If we need one GB now....)
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