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    Can't dismantle not used weapons!

    I started my second game-through for making different choices.

    Now, is there a reason why i can't dismantle weapons that i don't use? I can't even sell them in Kephallonia!



    Am I missing something? (I'm using the latest patch btw, so ver. 1.50 and i play on PS4 Pro)


    UPDATE: I got these items from the store, so that's why i can't dismantle or sell them! I have completely forgotten! :-P
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    Hi marc5916

    You're right weapons and equipment obtained from the store would considered unique and could not be broken down.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, i forgotten the part with the unique items completely. lol

    Anyway, I'm level 9 and everything works beautifully smooth on my PS4 Pro.
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