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    Completionist: Can I Take Each Area/Zone Bit By Bit?

    Just got this game and really looking forward to playing it, but it's actually the first AC game I've played in years due to the fact that as a completionist I ended up getting extremely burnt out by the size of the previous game worlds and all the side activities/collectibles there were. After having a break from the franchise, I'm ready to get back into it and have another completionist nightmare, but my question is how well do they space the different areas out? For example, will I be doing a story mission in a certain area and then automatically get moved to a new area whilst still having stuff left to do and collect in the area I was just in? Or can I just move on to a new area when I'm ready, and instead stay in the specific area I'm in making sure to complete it 100% and collect everything?

    I remember in a couple of the previous AC games, a cutscene would happen after a main story mission and when the cutscene ended I'd be in a completely new area all of a sudden, and it made it a chore to remember which zones I've not collected everything in and completed fully.
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    Hello fellow completionist!

    As the story goes along, for the most part you're not thrown into a new area and you're free to explore and do any side missions or collecting you choose. The only thing I did notice is with the enemy outposts. I'd suggest only doing them now and then because there will be side missions where you need to go to them and clear them out. Doing this multiple times kind of takes the fun out of it.
    Other than that, exploring is super fun and both the White and Desheret deserts are wonderous.

    Enjoy your journey and let us know if you have any other questions.

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    That's great, thank you very much for your help, it's appreciated!
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    Just another thing to note- as far as I recall, all Open World activities should be visible from the moment you reveal an area of the map.

    So, if you methodically clear out a region, you shouldn't return to find a ton of new styles of missions to backtrack to (I recently played Spider-man PS4, which was amazing, but totally guilty of that).

    Origins' world is definitely huge, far bigger than previous games. But there's a good amount of variety in it. It should keep you pretty busy, but exploration is definitely part of the fun this time
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