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    White screen problem at game launch

    Good evening. I have a problem when I launch the game it gives me a white screen. It may happen that the game starts but I can't change it in full screen and the game creates stuttering. the video drivers are updated. I tried to uninstall everything, the game and application Uplay but the problem persists. I played more than 70 hours without a problem and now I can't even get it to work. does anyone have any advice? the minimum requirements are largely met: i9 9900k rtx 2080 screen 21: 9 3440 x 1440 120hz
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    Do you have "Storage Spaces" enabled in Win 10? I know some people in the past were having problems with it enabled and it was causing a white screen on startup error

    Storage Spaces is a drive pooling method originally found in Windows Home Server which 'pools' your drives to look like a single large drive sort of like RAID 1 in that it creates two copies of everything in case of drive failure but since you don't use matched drives like in a proper RAID setup there are inherent problems. I prefer to use weekly backup images to protect my data instead since Storage Spaces means you use twice the disc space for everything and it's often problematic

    For more information see: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/...storage-spaces
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    Hey there Luc4L8,

    First off, welcome to the forums! I am going to move your thread to our Dedicated Player Support forum for assistance.

    You can also reach out to them directly Here.
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