Seeing as the actual support team keep insisting that this is only a game play issue, and that there is no wrong doing on their part, I'll try my luck here.

To start; using the PC version through Steam, and the Ubisoft launcher. Not sure if that matters, but there you have it. Using a PS4 controller that Steam auto-maps to a Xbox 360 controller.

My issue I am having at current is I just got my 'Time Fart' unlocked in my new save, and instantly it insists on telling me I can either use the RT+LT combo, that I have grown used to using during game play, OR use the assist mode, and that's LT with using the left stick to control power. ..however.. guess what? RT+LT does nothing. I have to use the LT assist mode, and there apparently is no way to disable that assist mode. And, I looked at every option there is... apparently if I were using a keyboard, I could remap things, but, if I am using a controller... well, you are boned. I cannot yet find any way to remap controls if using a controller... I can remap every key if using a keyboard, though!

And, as I told the team before, it actually now removes the ability to do a 'Lil Toot' with it's insistence on turning on assist mode as soon as you get the power. Kinda silly, as the layout on the official FAQ shows the Time Fart is the LT+RT, and Lil Toot on the RT, yet it's not the case, is it? Heh.

Now I find myself about to f*** up in battle, and try to use the combo I am used to the LT+RT to do a glitch fart, and, opps... that's not right, need to use the LT... well, too late, I died. Hope my team can survive without me for a bit...

So, the TL:DR version, was able to use 'Lil' Toot' control on the LT before I unlocked the 'Time Fart' ability, I now lost the controls that I am used to, and now locked in assist mode with no way to remap it.

Anyone know if there's a config file or something to fix this, maybe there is nothing in the GUI to fix it, but, a file or something to modify? Or am I missing something..?