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    ACO: Game crashing at Pompeius Magnus quest

    My game keeps crashing at the beginning of this quest line! I've turned off the antialiasing both in game and through the NVIDIA control panel, I've updated my drivers an still I cannot get it to work! I am 40 hours into this game and if I have to uninstall this game to fix it I'm done. Please, can anyone help me fix this issue? Or tell me of a way to contact Ubisoft themselves and bring this issue to their attention again (as I've seen multiple reports of this glitch happening).
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    Hi, when you updated the drivers was it a fresh install of the graphics drivers?
    Updating over corrupt drivers would not repair them.

    1. Completely uninstall the graphics drivers, there are steps to do so here.
    2. Reinstall the drivers fresh from the Nvidia Website.

    If you still have the issue after this Please provide a DXDIAG and MSINFO report in a support case, so that the team can investigate. You can find instructions on how to create these files and attach them to this ticket in the links below:

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