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    Compensation For Rage Quitters

    So many many dozens of MP have been ruined by 2 to 7 people quitting on the results screen or earlier in a Multiplayer Match. We literally get to the last screen before i get my points, and everyone quits. If im not mistaken, in Season 2, there was no penalty for Rage Quitters. So instead, why not award points based on how many people entered the match? So if im in a match with 7 people, and 5 quit, the last 2 riders get the same points as if those people hadnt left. Just my opinion, and some food for thought. Thanks!
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    I think that if you can make it to the podium screen you get awarded points based on the opponents at the start of the session. I'm on the Switch and it's rare for the sessions to have 5+ riders, but from what I've noticed only 4 riders make it to the podium. If your 1st place you receive 25pts, 35pts or 50pts depending whether there's 2, 3 or 4 ppl on the podium. I've always been awarded 35 or 50 pts even if there's only 2 of us left at the end of the session. lol That's when it's fun to tie it up, if possible, and reward the person that stuck around, because you both get 1st place points.
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