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    Missing sponsor gear

    I have made a ticket\ on this issue (08690968) and nothing has been resolved. I unlocked all of the sponsor gear for this game including the ANBA items and I have screenshots and leaderboard replays of me with the ANBA beard and hat...Those items are no longer available to me and I have 0 sponsor items available. My ticket was made in April and NOTHING has been resolved. This is completely unacceptable and it is hard to justify playing this game, even though there have been two expansions that have been released that I've already payed for... I touched a little bit on the route 66 and I'm curious on the crash and burn DLC... again, I've already payed for these DLCs as I pre-ordered this game.. but I'm missing core components from the initial game that I spent hours to unlock!!! I have most of the squirrel outfit that I spent time unlocking, but for some reason, you let me keep every piece except for the helmet. Please just give me my cosmetics!
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    Seeing this is an issue for a lot of people.. It's really a drag.. I love the concept of this game, it's fun to play, I enjoy riding.. but it's really off-putting to lose the rewards to a point where I don't have any motivation to play the game anymore.
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