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    [BUG] Anne Harlow stopped trying to return ages Ago

    Anne Harlow refuses to return for island resettle. I've destroyed her island and remember to have denied her resettlement 2-3 times. I have never seen her returning since. I've been playing throughout Sunken Treasures and now Botanica DLC's and still not once has she returned to resettle.

    I had defeated countless time the resettlement of Jean La Fortune but he kept coming back. I'm now at a point where I'd like to engage in trading with both of them.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?
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    Hi Archaedos,

    Is it just Anne Harlow that this occurs with ?
    Have you played with any other CPUs in different saves ?
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    Only have this one save on which I've advanced and evolved. Atm only Beryl and Jean La Fortune are active. Anne is shown in the diplomacy tab, I can get quests from her and also can use the reputation functions available. But her island remains in ruins, and there are none of her ships on the old world map.
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