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    Transfer to Botanica DLC causes Shrodinger's Ghost Ships

    This is a bug quite a few people are having: Ships getting stuck on the map. More rarely, I've also witness ships duplicating or vanishing.

    This happens to ships in transition between regions and has started happening ever after I transitioned my game to the Botanica DLC.

    Some ships that ran on a route between regions, suddenly go missing from the game's world, or come back as duplicates both visually or in the listing.

    Here's an example of a ghost ship:

    It's the Aura. Before the Botanica DLC, I had only the one. After transferring to the DLC, there are suddenly two.

    Normally, you get announced that a ship has entered the region the moment it appears on the map. The first Aura that arrives gets no such notification and although I can give it orders, I cannot delete its standing order to transfer regions (which it just did). I can only do so when a second Aura arrives, that never existed before. If I tell the first Aura to transfer regions again, the second Aura suddenly vanishes.

    Then there's the curious case of the "Mermaid's Purse 2".

    This is the situation before I transfered over to the Botanica DLC. Two Oil Tankers who are on a route between Old World and Cape Trelawney.

    Once I transfer to Botanica, one of these ships suddenly vanishes:

    It appears to now be stuck on the world map - post botanica - where it does not return from, regardless of how long I wait.

    When I try to select ships when creating a new (oil) trade route, it is suddenly listed multiple times:

    It's both there, and not there at the same time. It's Shrodinger's Oil Tanker.

    The issue with Aura also does not seize to happen, occurring sporadically for other ships, ever after the transfer to Botanica. Mermaid's Purse 2 was never seen again.

    Not sure if I can reproduce. I hope I can't by re-loading a pre-botanica save-game and transferring again.

    My system specs are irrelevant to this issue. Windows 10 with the latest updates.

    I've included my save game that displays this issue. The Ghost Ship "Aura" will quickly show up in New World. Mermaid's Purse 2 never returns from the world map.

    I have also taken the liberty of opening a ticket for this matter: 09739340
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    Small Update:

    Apparently my missing ship (The Mermaid's Purse 2), is stuck on the World's Map.

    This IS a very prevalent bug. Multiple people here on the forum and on the discord have it.

    C'mon Ubisoft, ya lazy bums. Look into it. At least reply so that we know you're not sat there with your finger up your nose.
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    Hi Skirlasvoud,

    Iv'e reported this to the dev team thanks for bringing it to my attention.
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