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    Trackmania Turbo Trackbuilder issue

    Hi, my problem is: when I use too many of a certain kind of building block, the system crashes long before you reach the 7500 block limit. I tried to build some big walls with the Track > Arena blocks, and the system crashed around 4000, meaning I hadn't even used half of the allotted number. This happens constantly when I use many pieces of the same kind. The crash probably isn't registered by your system, since I'm not given the option to submit a report. Instead the game "freezes" and becomes unresponsive to my controller (Dualshock 4). I've tried to wait it out, but it remains frozen indefinitely. The problem seems to be at your server, because my PS4 is still responsive and allows me to exit to the main menu to restart the game. All unsaved changes in my track are lost, and a lot of time is wasted on restarting the game over and over just because I've reached some invisible limit for a certain kind of building block without any warning given in advance.
    Thank you for your time.
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    Thank you for your report!
    Unfortunately it's not something that we will fix for the moment. The advises that I can give you is to reduce the number of the Arena blocks and to look at blocks less guzzler and to save your map from time to time to avoid to lose your creation.

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