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    How to change the language from german to english on PC?

    Please help me!

    I know, it was possible to change the language (both audio and interface/text).

    But I do not remember how.

    Please: No links, no youtube-crap! Do not tell me to go to the player support section.

    Just tell me step by step: Open this, klick there, then you see this, then klick there.

    I am about to go crazy about this and smash my PC.

    Thank you!
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    Steve64b's Avatar Senior Member
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    IIRC the game asks you which language you want at installation time. You may need to change properties in Uplay or even reinstall the game.
    Like here:

    Once that's done, there should be an in-game option to set the (subtitle?) language accordingly. Could be in the Audio menu.
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    Thank you. There is an option to change the audio ingame, but I still don't know how to change the interface and also the ingame notes you can read.
    Looking at yout screenshot, I can only conclude, that I have to reinstall. Those options just do not show up for me.
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    I know you said no links, but since you have the game on Steam the option is on the Steam end, another user has detailed what you need to do here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/55252...4337787481936/
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