About the lost tales of greece quest mentioned in the title, when barnabas gives you 3 support quests to find some quest items that he saw in his vision. The one which you must find an aulos in a tomb in an island, i have noticed that i took the aulos quest item before starting the lost tales of greece quest without knowing it was related to this quest. So this support quest was automatically completed, but by automatically completing it i was not able to talk to the guy Eurylochos in the tomb and speak to him to recruit him because of that. And by not recruiting this guy you are not able to recruit another guy named Polyphymos in the other support quest which takes place on the island of anaphi and you have to find him on a cave. In order to recruit polyphymos you have to recruit the other guy as well to join you on the ship. Feels bad and unfair i didnt have the choice to recruit them because of a quest item that i picked before doing the lost tales of greece quest.