Just a few notes from my few hours. Thank you for the opportunity to play.

Inverted play. The offering for inverted controls and camera needs to extend to flying vehicles camera. Being forced to regular up and down while flying a aircraft when inverted is the preferred style really is disorienting.

Inverted camera view. Please apply this to drone handling as well.

Vehicle controls are too touchy. They need to be dialed back or refined. Controlled analog acceleration by the trigger. More trigger more gas, less trigger less gas. It would be nice to have a different control feeling for vehicle types. Right now it's either light-speed or stop.

Graphics are a low quality.

Character voice lacks fluidity. Feels like a bunch of individual lines prerecorded and then plugged in together. Disorienting.

Player movement is clunky. Everything seems like it's over correcting for small movements. Hard to focus on fine object interactions.

Outstanding exclamation points for gear that do not show up on the inventory.

Need option to enter or exit cover. Similar to Division 2 is a good example.