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    ubisoft ignoring PC users who want help??

    Why is there no help for PC users?
    They have many videos & help files & all sorts of stuff FOR CONSOLES ONLY!!!
    On the keyboard I have worked out by trial & error that F1 is editor settings & F2 is track settings.
    Ctrl C & Ctrl V work & so does del but most other commands that you can do with controller are not there or I cant work out.
    Pressing ctrl when the rotating tool is selected rotates an object 90% but only in one direction & highlighting/clicking the other axis has no effect?!
    No keyboard help is given at all in game or on any website known to Google.
    I have seen people asking about it on this forum & they are being ignored by ubisoft/RedLynx Studio.
    I even looked inside the game files for a config file that might list the controls but there is nothing anywhere.
    Why are the keyboard controls such a taboo subject what's the big secret?
    Are the devs too unsupportive to literally just post a list of commands, anywhere on the internet let alone in the game they are for?
    I can't believe that in 2019 I am having to just press each key on my keyboard to find out what the controls are in a mainstream game!
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    The mouse and keyboard interface in the editor does not work very well and, as you've noticed, is largely undocumented. I tried using it in Fusion and had to go back to controller because it's just a much smoother experience. There are some mkb features that controller doesn't have like constraining transformations around global, local, or screen coordinates, but aside from individual operations that need those features, it would not be my recommended way to use the editor.
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