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    What are your thoughts on roller champion?

    At E3 Ubisoft announced Roller Champions, they also revealed a playable demo on uplay for free. It is essentially a team of 3 skating across an oval and scoring in hoops. You jump, pass, tackle, dodge, and gain speed by crouching. I played the demo and here are my thoughts.

    The game has the same atmosphere as rocket league. The teams are orange and blue, theres quick chat. It all feels like it drew a lot of its inspiration from Rocket League.

    It is easy to pick up, much like rocket league the controls aren't hard to get but the depth of skill in the game is limited, passing is auto passing, scoring is like throwing a grenade, there is no ball cam so you would have to manual move your camera which i found annoying at times.

    I don't really see any skill depth besides team positioning. If Ubisoft wants this game to have a competitive scene they would have to tweak the controls. But if enough people pick this game up maybe we can see a higher skill ceiling similair to rocket league's.

    Overall this game has potential, especially since the official game does not come out until 2020.check-distance.com

    What are your thoughts on this game? Is it the new rocket league?
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    This is literally the game from Alita Battle Angel, and I'm all for it. Looks awesome Ubisoft!
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    Awesome game!I`m waiting for it release
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