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    Siege crashing on startup without an error

    Hello. So, after the update today I haven't been able to launch Siege at all. I haven't had this ever happen before in Siege or any other game. It crashes after the "looking for updates" screens in Uplay; it doesn't get to the battleye log window or the splash screen before it crashes. There's no error message whatsoever as well, the only thing I could find is something in the logs related to gameprocesswatcher.cpp (however this file seems to have caused errors multiple times before but it's never made my game crash on startup). I went through troubleshooting and a bunch of solutions found online but there's no change at all. I also tried to open a support ticket but the site seems to be down.
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    R6 crash

    Hello. i had update i did it and now i start rainbow six siege and rainbow six siege drop and it turns on Uplay. please help me
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    I've also had this problem, but I've been able to get to the Battle eye box before crashing.
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    Same problem, never had any issues with Siege until this patch... They flat out broke the game with this update. Some people get crashes on startup, others get randome crashes in game or the game simply stops responding...
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    Ubi-Woofer's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hello everyone, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing crashes when launching Rainbow Six Siege since the latest update.

    In the first instance, can you all please ensure to have completed our full basic PC troubleshooting guide, as to ensure that no basic / common issues are impacting your ability to launch the game successfully?

    Additionally, if issues persist, can you let me know the following details of your PC:

    - CPU

    - GPU

    - RAM

    These specifications will allow me to compare your situations against our known issues, and judge if you may be affected by any issues we are already aware of. Thank you!
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    Game won't launch since Ember Rise update

    CPU: Q9500
    GPU: GTX 750TI
    Ram: 8gb ddr3 1333mhz
    win 10 64bit

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    Tried all suggestions there and everything is still supported but we are seeing issues launching the game on a 8 logical core system with 12 GB of ram on a supported AMD video card. Was never able to launch the TTS so there is most definitely something wrong configuration side.
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    Dear Ubi-Woofer

    why all of you say this to everyone? pc troubleshooting , send files, send this ,send that.......everyone who have this problem because Ubisoft dont supporting anymore the dual core, quadcore, xeon and i dont how much gpu. Everyone playing with r6 before Ember Rise patch. this is the problem.......
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    This is not fair to us! We bought the game the same way!
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    Same here.

    On R6Fix a user has created a thread in which people with socket 775 have been validating their issue, please consider contributing so this gets addressed directly to the developers, and spread the word

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