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    A request from a kiddo

    Dear Nintedo,

    My name is Harper. I want to ask you this:
    Could you please put these songs in JUST DANCE 2018
    for the Nintendo Switch?

    1. Here With Me (Marshmello & Chvrches)
    2. Stand By You (Rachel Platten)
    3. Beating Me Up (Rachel Platten)
    4. Better Place (Rachel Platten)
    5. Lone Ranger (Rachel Platten)

    Thank You!!!

    Sincerly, Harper
    Aka DMCcat_6630
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    Hello and welcome to the Forums, Zimnox2313!

    Thanks for sharing these. We won't be adding more songs to Just Dance 2018 but we're always taking requests on our website for future games and Just Dance Unlimited. https://ubi.li/lLxRJ
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