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    'Loosing connection' to ranked, then getting banned!

    Hi there.

    Before you read, this post is a bit of a rant (sorry in advanced).

    Recently I have been getting back into ranked, but over the past week I keep facing the same issue of playing both Casual and Ranked, but then 'loosing connection' (or the screen freezes) to the game, with an error popping up after. I try to search/ rejoin these games but the error will keep popping up.
    If I play ranked and 'loose connection' from the game, I will face the ban penalty.

    I believe also a few dasy back, the whole team was 'booted' from play (maybe caused by hackers?), and we all faced the penalies.

    I don't mind so much for casual, but when it happens in Ranked, it is becoming more fustrating.

    I woud like to clarify that this isn't caused my my internet as this happens at two locations I play from. The one I play at has a very reliable (buissnis line) connection.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is killing me.

    What solutions do I have for this?

    Thanks for taking your time in reading and helping out!
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    There is no solution as no system can be created to determine if a loss of connection is intentional or accidental. It's unfortunate, but it's how it is
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