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    Serious memory leak

    This game is leaking like the Titanic after it hit the ice-berg, even in the menus.

    I've had the game running in the menus (without starting a game) for about 15 minutes now and the used RAM has steadily climbed from about 3,5 GB to 10,5 GB. That's about 7,5 MB/s. And it's still climbing.

    I started checking these numbers after the game repeatedly closed to desktop after about 30 minutes of play yesterday when i installed it for the first time. The Windows 10 Event Viewer clearly states that the anno1800.exe application crashed because it reached an unsustainable level of memory usage.

    I had the page file set to 3GB, which certainly should be enough for any game with 16 GB of RAM. But even when set to letting the system manage the page file it will eventually use up the entire C drive and CTD regardless since the leak never seems to stop.

    By the time i've finished writing this post it's gone from 10,5 GB to 15,4 and the page file is using 20(!) of the 30 GB of free space left on my C drive.

    I'm currently testing the free trial of Uplay + pretty much entirely to play this game. If this leak isn't plugged by the end of the month i certainly see no reason to buy this game. This is a very serious technical issue that needs more attention to be taken seriously by the devs.
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    By the way:

    Windows 10 X64
    i7 8800K
    16 GB RAM
    GTX 1070
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    Thank you for reporting this to us.

    Can you please create a case on the support website and submit your DxDiag and MsInfo files for further investigation?

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