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    play together

    hi, is there an option to play with friends in unity? not only coop but i mean roaming in the map like the division 2?
    i made him hyped for the game but he will leave if this is not possible.
    i tried to connect and when we get in group (in uplay) noone of us get traveled to the other players world (map, city)
    i will hear, thanks in advance
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    Hey there Holmindeboks,

    There are Co-op missions in Unity., but you cannot play the campaign together. Please see below on how to Play with Friends in Unity.

    Play with Friends

    There are many ways to invite friends to your game to play with you. In the open world, walking up to an NPC with a red Co-op/Heist Mission icon above their head will bring up a prompt to invite your friends. Another way is by opening the Pause Menu and select Play Together, then select Invite Players to invite them. Lastly, you can open your Map and select a Co-op/Heist Mission to start a Private game and then invite your friends using the previously stated methods. After inviting your friends to your game, you can queue for a Private or Public co-op mission through the same options used to invite friends to your game.
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