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    Uplay Achievement "Star of the Route" is impossible to attain

    (Steam purchase)

    Back when the Route 66 dlc launched, the Achievements were not on Uplay. They've finally been added, I'm guessing that was this week with the second expansion but it could have been a month or two ago. Even though I had already done the conditions for some of them, they did successfully unlock again on Uplay except for "Star of the Route" which is for beating all the stadium finals in 66. I had already done that months ago, before the Uplay Achievements were up as I said, and replaying both finals now with gold medals and 1st place didn't unlock it.
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    After beating my first Stadium event in the second expansion, this Achievement from the first expansion unlocked.
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    Hey Scruffy McGuffy, sorry it didn't unlock at first for you. I'll pass this back to the team that it somehow unlocked after you beat a different stadium. Thanks for reaching out!
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