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    Uplay+ going halfway and not giving Ultimate edition bonuses?

    Hello, recently I signed up for Uplay+ and upon launching I already found something wrong, all previously released operators were unlocked, but I didn't have the 2 extra daily mission slots, which is fine, but then comes today and I expected to get the new Operation Ember Rise operators, which was not the case. The Ultimate Edition (the one which is made avaiable by Uplay+) promises all year passes, including this year's, which should give early access to these operators, and also the extra mission slots, but neither have been made avaiable. 3 of my other friends that have also signed up for Uplay+ don't have the operators. Is this how it's meant to be? Uplay+ allows you to get the ULTIMATE edition of the game with all season passes, shouldn't all operators be avaiable? Including the newly released ones? Sorry if I missed something.
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    i also have a same problem
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    +1, no bonuses expect all operators (without 2 new). wth ubi?
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    Same here don't have access to the 2 new ops
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    When you enter the rainbow six siege ultimate in the shop, you will find all the informations about season pass with uplay+, and yeah, we should have playable new operators, already created case in the ubisoft support
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    Hello everyone, I would like to clarify per our FAQ that the UPLAY+ Edition of Rainbow Six Siege contains the following content:

    - The main game
    - 20 Legacy Operators*
    - 8 Year 1 Operators*
    - 8 Year 2 Operators*
    - 8 Year 3 Operators*
    - 8 Year 4 Operators***

    * Unlocked instantly.
    *** Unlocked once available.

    We were aware of an issue with the Year 4 operators being unavailable for UPLAY+ subscribers, but this should now be fixed. Can you all let me know if this is the case?
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