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    Story Creator Mode Update: September 12

    Hey everyone,

    We'll be deploying a new Story Creator Mode Update tomorrow (September 12) during a scheduled maintenance starting at 9am EST | 3pm CEST.

    Story Creator mode downtime: 30 minutes

    Check out the most notable changes below.


    • New Features:
      • Dialogue Staging: Allows the creator to set more than two actors (up to five, including the player character) and the relative position between them.
      • World Nations Manager: Allows the creator to set the national faction of each regions at the beginning of the Story.

    • Fixed: Fixed typos in multiple areas.
    • Fixed: Wrong Validation Error appearing when the canvas was totally blank.
    • Fixed: Tooltip and icon of the Choice Hub.
    • Fixed: Missing Archetypes when selecting a faction.
    • Fixed: Better Validation of a line in a Sequence, where an unauthorized character was used.
    • Fixed: Removed the Default Speed in Travel and Follow Behaviors and in the Escort Objective, which duplicated the Regular Speed.

    • New Tutorial Story: Learn to create branching paths in your Stories, providing more depth to your future endeavours throughout Greece.
    • Fixed: An issue where the previous and next button in the Hall of Fame carousel did not work
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    Can you please give us the possibilities to create restricted area of a specific faction and allow usa to create a custom patrol behaviour with NPCs?
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    Thank you for the wonderful update.
    I am using the Dialogue Staging feature immediately, but even if I select Change Slot and change the position of the NPC, the position does not change in the test play.
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    Best update since SCM was released. Can't wait to use the changes!
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    Thank you so much for this update.
    I used and tested the changes, really nice work !
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    World Nations Manager does not cover all regions

    Excellent update.

    I can't see all regions on the World Nations Manager, example is Attika which is not in the list, but Boetia is (neighbour)
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    The regions where Athens (Attika) and Sparta (Lakonia) are examples of regions that cannot be changed for obvious reasons. Other regions where there are no conquest flags also are NOT in the SCM region list.

    I believe that you can only change the same regions the actual game can change. It would be a lot of work to allow those regions to be changed.
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