Search And Seizure

S&S is a Story-Driven First Person/3rd Person Tactical Game where Joe Binelli [The Protagonist] has been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to Prison Camp... However, Joe is in over his head.

"When you find yourself inside a Remotely located Prison, You soon realize you must find out how far the conspiracy goes."

Less Than Lethal Options are available, as well as firearms, so the Player's Freedom of Choice has a Risk/Reward System: If you kill your enemies, you will have a more difficult time trying to convince anyone you are Innocent.


-Stunning Unreal Engine 4 Visuals and Highly-Creative Technologies

-Story with deep level of Risk/Reward

-Solo Campaign, Cooperative Mode; Separate Map Level Versions for PVP

-Character and Weapon Customization

-1st Person/3rd Person Toggles, so as to Blend the 'shooter crowd' in an Intense Game

Our Small team's site
An experiment with Volumetric Lighting+ExponentialHeightFog+Skylight for Volumetric Fog Plus Ambient Occlusion in one... Added Light Shafts with Bloom (the rays that are brighter than the GodRays_ and Bokeh Pentagon Lens FX

The Story's Main Character... in this image he is geared up to fight, however i will need to finish my BluePrints for 1st/3rd Person cameras and movement... Need to Link MoCap animations and some Really Nice Custom Animations, and add weapons, both LessThanLethal and Firearms, for the whole "Play Your Way" META:

Also i Wrote the Plot, recruited the team, and held the position of Project Lead./ Art Director for over a year on this Project, a Total Conversion Modification for UT 2k4:

ALL of the Concept Art for Rival Playas was created by me, i was also a level designer while managing a team of 5 with working Hydraulics on a '64 Impala, each wheel with its own KeyBind... and a Game Mode System with multiple Functions.