I have a number of issues that I found in the game:

1. Searching for weapon blueprints - on two occasions I killed all enemy at a site and on opening the crate I expected to contain the weapon blueprint (TAC50 / CTMMG) I found it was empty, so could not complete the mission.
2. The Intel menu and the Shop menu were not scrollable, so I could only chose the first option. Restarting the game usually resolved the issue.
3. Teleport to after performing an action e.g. opening a crate then I am 100-200 metres away.
4. In a couple of locations I fell into a place where I could not escape and had to use fast travel to continue:
Fell into the river and could not move away from the bank of the river nor climb out of the river
Fell off some pipes at the port (when looking for the TAC50 blueprint) and could next exit the area under the pipes. I could move around but there was no exit.
Climbing a ladder at Control Station Tiger 02 I fell through the wall into the structure.