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    [BUG] The Big Blue quest got stuck, Sunken Treasures DLC

    Hi All,

    Sorry if this thread is already somewhere in this forum. Tried to search but couldn't find.
    My problem is exactly as it's described by some other player, in this YouTube video.

    Can not see the Old Nate's co-ordinates where he needs me to dive. Plus, I've an item called "QI_Treasure_Dummy_Stick" which I've no idea what to do with it.
    I'm also stuck with "The Journal" quest simultaneously, which makes me think that if I could resolve this bug, it would give me that journal for the art restorers.

    I know that there is a workaround like not giving the scraps from "leading into gold" mission to Old Nate, go resolve this diving thing etc. but that's the thing, I've got no previous saved games that I could load up and get back there.

    Is Ubisoft working on this one? Is there any patches coming? Or is there any other solution that does not involve any loading back to a previous state of the game?
    Thanks a lot.
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    Still nothing ha. Too bad.
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    Hi koklucinar,
    Do you still have the save game ?
    could you send it over to us so that the development team can investigate ?
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