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    Button not working! Can't trade between ships and harbor

    All was working fine today until I got Botaniaca. Now I cannot click the button.(In ship interface, top left, round button).

    This issue is with all ships in all zones.
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    I noticed this issue as well after the Botanical / 5 update. I've verified that you can't use "piers" to manually trade but you can still use the "trading posts". This is a major issue since you now have to go all the way to the other side of some islands to do a quick manual trade to move items between islands.
    See youtube video … ship passes several piers but won't allow manual trade until in close vicinity of the trading post. All other trade routes work fine and use the piers; you just can't use them manually.
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    Also, just noticed this issue. Very inconvenient to have to approach the main harbour on each island to do manual exchanges.
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    I Don't know for you !! but for me that's mean that my game where i have 50 000 investors was no more playable !!

    Because soon before the Botanica/5 update , when i opened the trading post ! the game was Always crashed everytime because too much items were in the main city et all the full city was running on this "trading post "

    And like i Wrote ! I have only a gamer computer!! and not one of the NASA !!
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    Same here. After activation of Botanica DLC , i am no longer able to trade at Piers. Trading routes seem ta have no Problem at all.Their is nothing in the Patchnotes about this new Gamebreaking feature.
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    I have same issue but i know ubisoft give sh.it about this problem they dont care about people who bought their games they care only for people who dont buy their games....
    they even dont have money on QA tests on thses patches !!
    thanks god i try it all free no money from me ubi**** company !!
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    Here too.
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    Exact same problem. Makes my long game unplayable. Cannot access the button on the ship any longer. For me, the button actually turns to a normal windows mouse cursor, not the in-game cursor. It works on a younger savegame though, but if you tell me my main game has been broken, that would really, really frustrate me and certainly means this game has destroyed my hard work.
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    Guys here is fix for that from Taubenangriff | Lennard from discord anno mod-corner
    but you must use modloader
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    I have the same problem.
    Is is possible to just drag and drop the good from the trading post to the ship or from ship to trading post, if the ship is near a "pier" as a workaround, but a fix could be better...
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